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We create outstanding

animated videos

Our agency helps companies of all sizes drive sales and increase leads using video marketing 

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Our agency has worked with over 150 clients, and helped them increase their revenue and number of leads through high-end Video Production and Strategic Video Marketing.

Creating an animated video can be a powerful marketing and sales asset for your business.

  • They're excellent for building awareness
  • They help you stand-out from the competition
  • You can create & communicate highly specific stories
  • Online video can easily be shared by your target audience

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Why React is your ideal video production partner 

  • Locally Based & Accessible
    Consult with production experts based in the UAE
  • Dedicated Resources for Quality
    Our in-house production studio & team improves quality and speed of service
  • Experienced with all Business Types
    Experience helps us develop videos in-line with your business strategy
  • Better Engage Using Psychology
    Engage your target audience using principles based in psychology
  • Dependable & Timely Turn-around
    Transparent & prompt video delivery through professional project management
  • Achieve Greater ROI
    We'll teach you how to gain maximum exposure & ROI from your video investment 

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Is an animated video suitable for my industry?
Animated videos help you build brand awareness and effectively differentiate you from the competition. We have helped businesses from all industries develop powerful corporate videos based on the needs of their target markets whilst upholding the values of their brand.
How long does it take to produce an animation video?
The time required to complete the creative and production process is dictated by many factors ranging from your business type, history, brand positioning, filming/animation requirements and so on. However, a typical corporate video is typically wrapped up within 30-60 days.
How much does it cost to make?
Our team will ask you a series of strategic questions to help you determine the most impactful video strategy for your business. Once this is done, we can provide a cost for the project
So, what should be my first step?
The first step is to contact our team. We'll schedule an initial call to understand your goals and discuss the corporate video options best suited for your needs. Afterwards, we'll share a cost for the project. Once this approved, and a deposit is made, we can get started right away.
Does video marketing really work?
Considering 78% of customers watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos everyday [Source: Hubspot], giving your customers what they want will certainly make them happy and improve the likelihood they choose your brand over the competition.