5 Leadership Skills That You Won’t Learn at Any Business School

There are some leadership skills that simply cannot be learned in a classroom environment. They are valuable skills that enable battle-tested marketing executives and natural born leaders to rise above their competitors and thrive in a competitive industry. Below are 5 leadership skills that you won’t learn at any business school.

1) The art of active listening. Actively listening to clients, colleagues, and employees is a basic skill but one that is vital to your success as a leader. While business schools often focus on helping students develop their negotiation and presentation skills, they rarely focus on developing the art of active listening.

2) Anticipating and addressing objections from stakeholders. Marketing success is often linked to a leader’s ability to identify potential objections and erase any likelihood of their occurrence. This is a skill that is usually sharpened as a result of real world interactions as opposed to classroom training.

3) Cultural sensitivity. In today’s global marketplace, leaders cannot afford to lack cultural sensitivity. Top business professionals strive to learn about their target markets and avoid inappropriate or offensive verbal and nonverbal communication. Business schools are beginning to place more emphasis on cultural sensitivity, but it is still not an integral part of most required curricula.

4) The ability to say “No” to an opportunity. Rookie marketing managers and sales professionals are often so afraid of disappointing a client or not closing a deal that they sometimes cave in or agree to terms that are not in the best interests of your organizations. Seasoned business professionals, on the other hand, can quickly weigh the pros and cons of an opportunity and are not afraid to turn down a suspect opportunity.

5) Effectively engaging your employees. Keeping employees engaged, interested, and motivated to succeed at work is not an easy task. Strong leaders recognize that every employee is unique and therefore utilize a variety of different strategies depending on the employee and set of circumstances.

For more information on developing your marketing leadership skills, please contact us. We look forward to helping you thrive in your role as a leader!

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