5 Things NOT To Do in a Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing Automation Strategies are a growing trend among businesses today. There are many perks to automating one’s marketing strategy but there are many pitfalls that businesses must be sure to avoid as well. The following are 5 of the most common mistakes that companies make when automating their marketing strategy

Do NOT begin a marketing automation strategy without a clearly defined goal in mind

Many businesses automate their marketing just to save the time and resources of having to do it manually. The problem with that is that many companies go about automating their marketing strategy without having a real goal in mind to define the goal of their marketing strategy. Setting a concrete goal that is measurable can help a business determine the success of their marketing strategy. For example, “Increase web traffic by 50% within a year”. You can measure that to determine your success

Do NOT only focus on turning potential leads to new clients

While getting new clients is great, many businesses get wrapped up in trying to see how many leads they can convert into sales. The problem with this is that their already-faithful customers often get alienated at the expense of the business wanting to expand to find new customers. If customers feel ignored you may soon find them to be former customers which clearly hurts the business rather than helping it.

Do NOT send endless amounts of emails

Your customers do not want their inboxes overflowing with emails that do not pertain to them. It is better to send a few meaningful emails than to inundate your leads and customers alike with meaningless streams of email. Eventually, you will have annoyed customers who unsubscribe because they want to receive less email that doesn’t pertain to them. This hurts the business as if customers are not in the know of what is going on they are unlikely to do as much business as they would if they got occasional updates that mattered to them

Do NOT forget to create subcategories on your email list

Sub-categorizing your email list can make it much easier to ensure that you are sending emails that people want to receive. Sending endless emails that do not pertain to the audience is one sure way to not only annoy potential business leads but it will frustrate already-existing customers as well. It may even lead people to unsubscribe from your email list because they are sick of receiving all the junk mail.

Do NOT release your automated marketing plan without testing it first

Many companies are so eager to get their new automated system up and running for customers that they forget to even test it to make sure it works. It may take a few extra weeks to test the system to make sure everything works but its worth it. This helps avoid customer frustration when they get the system and realize nothing on it makes it easy to use. Have some colleagues test the program to determine what needs to be improved before releasing it to your current and potential future consumer base.


Marketing automation strategies are a great way for a business to save time and man-hours on constantly having to update the same information. Just be sure your business is approaching the automating the right way. After all, automated your content strategy is meant to help, not hurt your business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about helping you improve your marketing automating strategy.

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