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Increase in organic traffic in 6 months
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Increase in all website traffic in 6 months
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We went to React to take care of our Search Engine Optimization, and the idea was to grow our reach, not only regionally, but globally. Once React started to work on our SEO, we started to receive more business opportunities globally. I would highly recommend React for your SEO

Hugo Vanderschaegh,
General Manager,
ODG Design Group

ODG are a global design & consultancy company based in Dubai. ODG have been operating for 13 years, and cater mainly to the retail sector. Their main clients are mall developers, retail outlets, and airports.

The Problem

In the past ODG were relying mainly on referrals as a source of business, and were unable to achieve the business growth they wanted, so they decided to begin marketing their business online.

ODG had ambitious goals for 2017 and onwards, including:

  • Complete re-branding of the company
  • Expanding online reach to from regional to global markets
  • Increasing B2B lead generation
  • for interior design consultancy projects
  • Increasing brand awareness and credibility
  • Showcasing more prestigious projects online

Our Solution

After evaluating ODG’s website and search traffic data, we created a comprehensive digital marketing plan, which ODG were happy to proceed with.

Website re-design

React started with a complete Website Re-design Project. ODG had an in-house designer that had recently been in charge of a complete rebranding for the company, so our web design team worked closely with her to make sure that our design concepts were inline with their new brand vision. Due to the nature of their business, we had to make sure that the designs were reflected perfectly in the front-end of coding of the site. We implemented a custom wordpress them, with the main priority being the ease of upload of new projects to their projects page.

Search Engine Optimization

React carried out a complete on-page optimization of the new site, before launch. This was a brand new domain so we needed to first establish what were the early opportunities in terms of keywords, as well as a base of foundation links to establish trust in the domain. We also worked closely with their PR team to achieve some high-value editorial links, and make sure the content quality was high.

The Results

The main KPI for our SEO campaign was the increase in website traffic, in particular organic traffic. Organic traffic increased 404% over the first 6 months, and total traffic increased by 79% during the same period. We also achieved a total of 30 high-volume keywords on page 1, with 22 of those ranked on position 1-3.

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