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What we achieved for The Box

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Increase in website conversion rate over 6 months
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Decrease in cost-per-click using Google search ads
Number of high-volume keywords on 1st page of Google

With the launch of the new website, React implemented a new SEO campaign and as a result, we are enjoying improved website traffic and sales. If you need a team to help you with your online presence, I can highly recommend React.

Jeanine De Vos,
Marketing Coordinator,
The Box

The Box are a Storage & Moving Company. They are located across 3 different countries, and have a growing customer-base of over 50,000. They are a well-established business, that had been operating for 10 years before approaching us.

The Problem

The Box had aggressive goals for 2018, including:

  • Increasing Lead Generation for Storage & Moving
  • B2B Lead Generation for Business Storage
  • Increasing E-commerce Revenue for Storage/Moving Products
  • Improvement of Online Customer Experience
  • Increasing Efficiency of Online Payment Portal
Previous Website

“We were told by our customers that it wasn’t easy to find the necessary information on our old website”

Jeanine De Vos, Marketing Coordinator

The visual design of their previous website was not a good enough reflection of their forward-thinking brand. It was a hugely-outdate design style, with non-intuitive user experience. The website also had no Content Management System, which meant all content updates had to be done by a developer, which increased the maintenance cost of the website, and delayed the renewal of content. The e-commerce part of the website was also technically inadequate, and made inventory management very difficult.

Previous website
Search Engine Rankings

The Box felt that, after a long period of slow online growth, the SEO rankings had started to plateau. Also, in 2014 the website had received a Google Penalty due to activities by their previous agency, which resulted in zero Organic Search Traffic for a period of 6 months. This had a seriously negative effect on the business. For this reason, preserving SEO rankings during deployment of the new site was one of their top concerns.

Google Adwords

After having enjoyed years of no competition in the market, a few new competitors were starting to appear, who invested heavily in Paid Advertising. Like their SEO rankings, The Box felt that the Ads Campaigns had started to plateau, and were looking to reduce their Cost-per-click in order to remain competitive.

Our Solution

After creating a digital marketing roadmap for The Box, they were happy to proceed with our recommended solutions.

Website re-design

React started with a full Website Re-design Project, from scratch. Our UX design team worked with their marketing department to develop the initial concepts, which were then developed further into a full visual design. Our Development team then started with the Front-end Development, CMS Integration, and then went through to the User-Testing and QA phase. The website was delivered on time, and customers website visitors are now enjoying a better website user-experience.

Search Engine Optimization

React started off by fully optimizing the new site, prior to going live. All of the old redundant URLs had 301 redirects in place to prevent Google Crawl errors. We also carried out a comprehensive keyword research exercise to build on the existing list of targeted keywords. Once that was done, we did a full analysis of the website’s backlink profile, to see what improvements could be made.

Google Adwords

Along with SEO, React carried a full overhaul of The Box’s PPC account. We implemented a Single-keyword Ad Group (S.K.A.G) structure to the campaigns, and re-wrote all of the Ad Copy. After keyword research, we added to the list of existing keywords, and also removed the low-traffic, low-converting keywords that hadn’t produced results.

The Results

The main KPI for our SEO and Google Adwords campaigns was Conversion Rate, which increased by 35% over a 6-month period.

For Google AdWords specifically, our secondary KPI is to decrease the cost-per-click, which reduced by 16% over the same period.

In terms of SEO-specific KPI’s we are tracking the number of high-volume keywords on the 1st page of Google Search Results. There are a total of 44 high-volume keywords on page 1, of which 16 of them are ranked on position 1, and 23 on position 2.

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