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What we achieved for TWI

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e wanted to implement an online strategy that would generate high quality leads consistently for our business. Thankfully, the team at React were able to optimise our advertising strategy across Facebook & Instagram and we quickly experienced great results.

Deedar Shah,
Operations Manager,
TWI Middle East

Established in 1946, TWI is a British membership-based organisation with truly global operations. They are the world’s foremost independent research and technology company, specialising in materials joining and engineering processes. React is proud to support their marketing efforts in the Middle East. 

The Problem

TWI identified that their traditional approach to marketing was yielding less ROI given that their target audience was spending more time interacting on social platforms and away from traditional media forms.

In 2018, their management chose to expand their marketing efforts and leverage both Facebook and Instagram with the hope that it would create a new and consistent source of leads for their business in the Middle East.

However, they wanted to minimize the logistical load on their in-house marketing team, and therefore identified the need to seek out external assistance to help them with this new endeavor.

Our Solution

We began by researching their brand’s rich history and extensive portfolio of training courses. Accordingly, we developed a strategic road map that consisted of the following key steps:

Buyer Persona Development & Customer Journey Mapping

To generate leads that have serious intent and ultimately profitable for TWI, it was important for React to understand the key motivations behind their target audience’s buying decisions.

Based on TWI’s extensive regional experience and React’s in-depth online research, we successfully defined their ‘Buyer Persona’ which included important demographic, psychographic and behavioral information that improved the efficacy of our social advertising strategy.

Advert Creation & Deployment

Given that TWI’s target audience were incredibly busy and had very little down-time on their off-days, and considering how Facebook’s algorithm is heavily optimised around video, React understood the need to develop visually engaging ads in a video format.

Video would help share the greatest amount of information to TWI’s target audience in the shortest time possible. However, TWI did not have an extensive video library for React to compile and edit into high-quality ads suitable for social media.

To over-come this hurdle, our digital designers in conjunction with our video editors developed a series of engaging GIF adverts which are conveniently read as videos by Facebook’s algorithm.

This meant TWI would receive the benefits of video in terms of added reach and awareness but at a much more cost-effective rate. In addition, the GIF format still allowed for effective and timely storytelling so that their target audience could comprehend the value of their service and advance down TWI’s marketing & sales funnel.

Monitoring & Reporting Campaign Success

To continuously grow the quantity of leads generated through our social advertising efforts, and to help TWI prove the success of their new online marketing campaigns, React mapped the key performance metrics from:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click-through-rates (CTR)
  • Cost-per-clicks (CPC)
  • Lead form opens
  • Lead form completion rate
  • Number of leads
  • Cost-per-lead (CPL)

These metrics effectively demonstrates their target audience’s journey down the marketing funnel, and helped React identify and implement the necessary optimizations to increase ‘Percentage Lift’ (essentially positive enhancements) on a monthly-to-month basis.

The Results

TWI Middle East saw incredible results in a very short period of time, a testament to their decision to expand their marketing efforts and leverage Facebook & Instagram advertising.

After only two months, TWI now generates 1-2 leads daily, with a 393% increase in their click-through-rates (CTR), a 79% decrease in their cost-per-click (CPC) and a massive 87% decrease in their cost-per-lead (CPL).

Essentially, TWI in conjunction with React, have given themselves a serious competitive advantage by establishing a new source of consistent leads for the continued growth of their business.

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