4 ways to make your Corporate Video more creative

Why do we need creativity in corporate videos?

Creating corporate videos has perhaps become a new creative endeavour for you in the last few years, mainly to keep up with your competition. No doubt you already know about the power of video marketing and what it can do to engage potential prospects, leads and your existing customer base.

However, just like any other creative medium, it can sometimes become too routine and blend in with everyone else; your brand gets lost among all the competition that are either copying your approach, or trying to one-up you.

With recent video marketing statistics showing that people watch one billion combined hours of videos (particularly on YouTube) per day, you can see how challenging it is to stand out.

The great thing about video is that you can incorporate a lot of creative and psychological techniques to keep your corporate video fresh. Take a look at four ways you can add more creativity to your video and how it can differentiate you from your recent competitors.

1. Creative Editing in Your Storytelling

One of the most important elements to all corporate marketing video is bringing a sense of storytelling to your viewers. Many companies now create videos that look close to a mini movie. You can create some truly compelling scenes this way in telling your own brand story. Plus, you can bring something your leads would understand on a personal level.

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Image source: Premium Beat

Try some creative editing techniques many video marketers use for a different feel to your corporate video. For instance, using montages can often give a better context to a story you’re telling. Or cutaway scenes from the main story you’re telling can give the feel of a professional action movie.

Even match cuts bring an almost cinematic feel to your story. This technique helps bring better context to certain scenes by incorporating other action in the foreground or background.

2. Saying as Little as Possible

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in their videos is having a voice-over narrator who talks too much. No matter if you think you’ve written great dialogue and the narrator sounds terrific, most viewers get turned off by too much verbiage.

The less you can say in your video, the better. In fact, the more you let visuals do the talking, the more you make the viewer’s mind work on its own to fill in the blanks. For instance, think back to those three-second corporate Vine videos where you see a silent scene underway (with a product).

This is a good template to go on where viewers have to use their imaginations rather than being told directly. As humans we are driven to think about answers to questions; possibly utilize more questions as captions in your videos to capture the viewers attention and force them to think about the implications of your marketing messages.

3. Creating a Funny Video Story

Using humor in corporate videos is nothing new, though it’s often surprising how many companies still neglect to use it. Take some time to craft a corporate video that shows the real human side of your world.

To be frank, modern consumers absolute hate being sold to, we have too much power at our fingers to do independent research to validate our purchasing decisions where we just don’t need biased marketing communication trying to manipulate us.

Fortunately, humor can cut right through this barrier even to the point where we forgive being sold to as long as you gave the viewer the precious gift of laughter! By telling a funny corporate story about something unusual happening in your office from different perspectives, you’ll prove the corporate world isn’t so buttoned down.

What’s important is to let your employees tell the story to make it real. Any viewer would scope out an actor in a second.

4. Using Animation

Image source: Yandex

Probably the last type of video style you’d expect to use for your corporate video is animation. Why not get a little daring, though, and create an animated story depicting your company?

Creating animated versions of your CEO role, your employees, and office situations can provide not only humor, but also an engaging visual appeal. A professional video marketing firm can provide an animation style that suits your brand and offers a unique way to represent your corporate mission.

Yes, the days of boring corporate videos are finally over.

Contact us at React where we can design creative corporate videos like the ideas above. We’re a leader in video marketing, content marketing, and marketing strategies.

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