Creative ideas for using marketing automation in your next campaign — tips and tricks!

One of the biggest buzzwords in the digital marketing industry today has to do with marketing automation. With marketing automation software being all the rage, the need for coming up with creative solutions to campaigns that require such a service. Here’s our list of effective, and creative, ideas for marketing automation.

  1. Subscriber engagement improved with blog content: it’s no secret that one of the biggest ways to engage new potential clients is through content marketing, and one of the biggest tools of content marketing are blogs that are SEO optimized for optimal results. By using the workflow option, you’ll be able to streamline blog posts into emails.
  2. Landing pages are lead generators: one of the most important things to remember about your website is that it’s a lead generator — that is, a place to find people to purchase your goods and services. The only way you will know that they are there is if the consumer gives you their information — and that’s why the Landing pages are the perfect tool to obtain customer information.

We are an all-round digital marketing company, that believes that any company, product or brand can get great exposure from using smart, cost-effective digital tactics. React likes to stand out from the crowd, no matter what it is you’re looking for in a marketing services provider. Best of all, we can work within your budget!

For more information about us and our services, and to find out what marketing automation can do for you, contact us today.

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