Effective Video Content Strategy [Video]

Do you know how well video works for marketing your business?

In recent years, video has quickly emerged as the best way to connect with viewers, followers, and consumers online. The statistics speak for themselves:

Investing in video content is a fantastic way to turbo-charge your online presence. However, a lot of companies rush head-first into this medium without adequately planning a strategy for success.

The truth is that if you don’t know how to make the most of your video content from day one, you’re simply funnelling your budget into a half-baked content marketing method. 

Why You Need a Video Content Strategy

In today’s active video marketing landscape, if you’re not streaming engaging content, then there’s a good chance that you’re falling behind the competition. In a world full of things like Facebook Live, YouTube, and smartphones that allow you to shoot content in 4K resolution, it simply doesn’t make sense to leave video out of your content campaign.

So, why do you need a strategy?

The simple answer is that a strategy gives you direction. When you establish a policy before you begin producing content you:

  • Ensure that you’re making the right connections with an audience that will drive ROI
  • Improve your chances of connecting with customers and increasing brand loyalty
  • Enhance your brand reputation through a consistent stream of “core” content
  • Boost your promotional methods with pre-defined avenues for advertising.

The Key Elements of a Video Content Strategy

In the video below, you’ll learn about the most important elements involved in a video content marketing strategy, and how you can implement them to get the most out of your campaigns. By the time you’re finished watching, you’ll understand:

  • Why you need to identify your target audience before you start shooting
  • How you can choose your core content and establish a theme for your videos
  • Where you should be promoting your content to get the most traffic and engagement back into your business.

You wouldn’t launch a new product without a plan to guide you, so why engage in a brand-new form of marketing without establishing a strategy first? 51% of marketing professionals say that video content is the material with the best ROI online. Get ready to discover the value of video for yourself with a sound strategy.

In a public place without headphones? Don’t worry. Click on the CC button in the video player to show captions, or read our full transcription below the video.


What good is a video idea if you don’t have a strategy when developing your content? Having a creative concept to convey your message and having the right tools is only half the battle, but substance in your content and strategy will be your weapon in winning it.

Video production can be a complex and frightening process, but a solid strategy will help to pull off a successful video campaign. Moreover, who do you want to listen to you and what do you have to say? Determining your target audience plays a big factor in the early stages of content development.

You need to define your content core. Content core is the perfect balance between what you want to say and what they want to learn. Now that you know what you want to say, how do you let your message be seen and heard? Uncover how you’ll share your stories and strategize your video content.

Tone, structure, visual feel and music will all come into play at this part, and it’s all up to you to find that sweet spot in bringing out that value in your message. And with a plethora of social media and digital channels nowadays, it’s wise to plan out your chosen distribution channel where you’d gain the maximum engagement.

A video for social media on one channel might not work for another, so it’s best to decide how long your videos will be at this stage. In order to have an effective video content strategy, you need to keep your audience engaged.

To do that, build a video content bank and make a realistic schedule on your frequency and consistency of publishing that will work best for your business and lead generation.

Now you’re ready to launch, so be prepared for those leads to come through. Creating good video content is connecting people, interacting with them, and making a change with how they see the world.

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