Email Automation Best Practices to Know

Want to be more effective with your time?

Email is one of the signature business standards that every employee and company utilizes for communication. However, manual emails in response to product enquiries is slow and ineffective.

Leads want information right away and they are not willing to wait. At the same time, marketing teams need a sales strategy to reach out to thousands or tens of thousands of clients in an organized, customized and automated way.

Only email automation can handle this task. There are a few best practices that are especially important to consider to grow lead generation using marketing software.

Welcome Email

New customers want to be acknowledged and want additional information on the product that they are inquiring about. The best way to do so is to include a welcome email for every new lead.

Ideally, the email will include a personalized segment with their name and customized text about the favored product. There should also be a more generalized text about the company.

Finally, there should be a call to action with a link to learn more or buy. This raises engagement and is more likely to improve lead generation.

Registering VIP Members

Your VIP members come back again and again to buy more products. Automated emails are sent out either at the purchase or after repeated inquiries that offer special rewards, loyalty points and exclusive offers. That keeps them coming back and also makes them feel special. It also induces additional purchases.

Segmentation Based on Purchasing

Clients come in many different niches. Sometimes the same product is marketed and sold to very different types of clients that have the same or similar needs. Segmenting these clients accurately leads to higher sales as the automated emails are tailored to the right clients with the right messages.

Sophisticated marketing software is actually able to segment these lists very finely and then target messages that are extremely effective to small groups of consumers. That leads to higher sales and more efficient marketing.

Targeting Less Engaged Customers

At some point, individual customers that are not responding can no longer get the personal touch and feel of a live sales person. These sales people have valuable time and cannot waste it on seemingly uninterested clients. However, companies can keep the relationship alive through regular automated email bursts.

Image source: ExpertSender

Without much time or energy, firms are able to use a superior sales strategy to keep up with these clients and eventually turn a fraction of them into paying customers. 

Customer Experience and Relationships

Rather than just considering the short-term, many management teams and marketing departments are concerned with building up long-term customer relationships. They want regular buyers that will come back over and over again, year after year.

Automated emails help to engender these type of clients. Standard automated emails include featured content, news, product reviews, photos, social engagement and more.

Over time, the customer feels more and more affinity as they get regular updates and information. That leads to more purchases over time. However, there is a bit of effort required to populate these regular automated emails.

Choosing Hubspot CRM as a Primary Work Tool

More and more companies are adopting Hubspot CRM to help them interact with their clients and manage information. This tool includes an extremely sophisticated email automation tool that seamlessly integrates with other marketing apps and the entire Hubspot marketing ecosystem.

Companies can adopt the Hubspot CRM to build out the entire marketing lifecycle, from the prospecting through the marketing automation, to the email automation to the sale.

If you would like your business to use e-mail more efficiently, please reach out to our team at React. With over 150 brands under our belt from small start-ups to world’s largest organisations, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. For more information, please contact us.

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