Facebook has Marketing Technologies Every Marketer Should be Using

As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook passed 2.19 Billion monthly active users (or roughly 30% of the world’s entire human population!). In 2014, the impact of Facebook on the global economy was a staggering USD 227 Billion. Frankly, the question is not if your business can benefit from Facebook, but rather how can your business be profiting from Facebook? In this article, we aim to shed light on some approaches your business can take to get the most out of Facebook.  

First things first, develop your brand’s Buyer Personas

If you are not familiar with buyer personas, I highly recommend you take a moment to read up on the subject after finishing this article. Hubspot has a fantastic resource which details the process to create detailed buyer personas for your business. Essentially, the buyer persona is a thorough document which defines why and how your target audience use their online space (including social media channels such as Facebook). Even if the average daily user spends up-to 50 minutes per day on Facebook, to make the most of this window of opportunity, you want to have content that’s relevant to engage with your target audience; buyer personas will help you improve the relevancy of your brand’s communication thus leading to increasedreturn-on-investment (ROI).

You’ll be needing a Facebook Business Page

There are currently 60 million businesses marketing to their target audience via their Facebook Business Pages. We highly recommend that you join them. A Facebook Business Page basically acts as a profile for your company, however they are not to be confused with a‘Personal Profile’ page. As implied, a business page is purely for corporate promotion and allows prospects and customers to ‘like’ the page rather than becoming a ‘friend’. We must stress that you do not want to setup your business page as personal profile page, Facebook will eventually have the page shut down for going against their terms and conditions.

Promote your Facebook Business Page through your Website

Facebook understands that people visit other websites apart from Facebook! Unfortunately they have gotten themselves into trouble over this with the recent privacy scandal, but nonetheless, you can encourage your website visitors to follow your Business Page via ‘follow icons’ strategically located on your home and blog pages. You can even incorporate Facebook’s iframe code so your website visitors can actually see the latest posts from your Facebook Business Page without them having to leave your website. Issue receipts often? Why not add your Facebook Business Page link to them? You can also add the same link to your e-mail signatures or as part of your mass e-mailing campaigns.

Enjoy watching videos? So do the majority of Facebook users (and your target audience)

Facebook’s algorithm (the code that dictates how Facebook actually operates) has been specifically optimized to prioritize live video and traditional videos in the news feeds of their users. This is a critical piece of information that is being underutilized by many of our clients at React; if you want to make the most of Facebook, produce and release video content! Facebook has gone as far to predict that their platform will consist entirely of video content by 2021. 

Want to go beyond video? Then try Facebook’s Virtual Reality features

People love immersive and engaging content and this is why Facebook now allows people and brands the opportunity to create and release ‘virtual’ content. Their main offering at this time is their 360-degree video functionality, but from what we hear, they are just beginning to explore the possibilities of virtual reality. 360-degree video functionality works best on mobile phones as viewers can pan and tilt to get the best experience, however users on desktop can click and drag their way around. This functionality is great as it allows the user to get ‘sucked’ into the experience, perfect for brands that want to showcase their facilities, activations and events.

Want a deeper understanding of your target audience? Try using Facebook’s Audience Insights tool

We’ve already touched on the importance of developing buyer personas for your target audience, but you may want to validate your assumptions about them to ensure your are releasing marketing communication that will generate serious ROI for your business. Thankfully, Facebook has an innovative ‘Audience Insights’ tool that is both powerful and free! Although more closely associated with Facebook Advertising, business owners and marketers can still use the tool without having to release any adverts. If you want to determine critical demographic and behavioral insights about your personas (and competitors alike!), then Audience Insights is the tool for you. 

Want leads for your business? You can generate them using Facebook

If you want to use Facebook to engage with your personas, build brand awareness and encourage sales, why not see if they will be willing to share their contact information with you also. This would ensure you have a little more control over the interaction with your brand and allow you to provide tailored content to match their needs. Facebook can be utilized to capture your prospects contact information via a number of means:

  1. You can use ‘Landing Pages’ to promote offers
  2. You can share ‘Blogs’ that have a sign-up functionality
  3. ‘Facebook Live’ can remind prospects to register for upcoming streams 

Alternatively, you can run ‘Facebook Lead Ads’ directly from Facebook which avoids the need for prospects to be re-directed from Facebook altogether. 

Social media marketing often proves the most effective in building your customer relations. Facebook alone offers a multitude of opportunities to engage prospects for your business. Building communities that focus on brand loyalty through promotions, events, new products, and more create an effective way to gain new customers, clients, and other folks with inquisitive natures.

Want to learn more, then subscribe to our blog or contact React today. We have a multitude of ideas that can build your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and engagement for your social media that’s cost-effective, and rewarding. 

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