How to Increase your ROI using an innovative inbound marketing approach

Inbound marketing is a process that allows sales leads to come into your company on their own terms. By integrating inbound marketing, you’re focusing on a process that shares content that makes your target audience much more interested. Here are some ways to increase your ROI using inbound marketing:

  • Blogging

While social media is a big part of inbound marketing, blogging is even more essential. Companies that focus on their blogging content are 13 times more likely to increase ROI. Also, 68% of online buyers are looking to read content made by their favorite companies.

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing automation takes tasks that are usually done manually and automates them. Contact management, offers, lead nurturing and other tasks are often done through automation software. It’s an effective process because it takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads, thereby increasing marketing ROI.

  • Make it a Lifestyle

Putting out a large number of tweets, Facebook posts, and other info can seem difficult, but it will be worth it in the end. After only 5 months of continual use, each lead drops in cost by 80%. To increase your ROI, keep the inbound marketing consistent.

  • Nurture your Leads

Each lead goes down in cost over time, so make sure you’re keeping them engaged. Sending email newsletters in a great way to keep in touch with your leads so they don’t go astray. Make sure your content is engaging and relevant and has internal links.

  • Closing the Loop

Oftentimes, marketing and sales departments are at disagreements with each other. However, it’s crucial to close the loop by bringing the two sides together and having them collaborate. Sales should tell marketing how much who made the company money, and the amount they gave. Marketing can then identify which new customers are the result of marketing efforts.

  • Ask for Feedback

Use your sales funnel to increase inbound marketing. This, in turn, will create a higher ROI turn out. Ask them at the end of the purchase how you did and listen to their feedback to improve your marketing strategy.

  • Call to Action

Most of your marketing is about providing content, winning over your customer and beginning a dialogue about your business. But sometimes a call to action is in order to increase revenue. Make sure you ask your followers to take action from time to time.

Transitioning to inbound marketing can be undoubtedly difficult. But once you make the change, you’ll begin to notice the ROI increase significantly. Start increasing your ROI today by changing your marketing approach – you’ll notice the difference.

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