Innovative Video Marketing Solutions to Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level

Have you ever thought about creating more video presentations on YouTube and then posting to other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other services? This helps to create a maximum result for you and your business.  Video popularity is growing because of the convenience, and efficiency of watching the information available. In fact, Social Media Today states, “Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.”

LinkedIn is following the video example.  It’s turning into a veritable professional version of Facebook with the amount of video that’s being made and shared. LinkedIn offers professionals opportunity to share the details of their jobs, which proves more effective via video than text or blog, and increases views and shares. It’s still in the testing stage, though, but once the trial run is over video availability reaches LinkedIn users as early as the end of August 2017.  

Instagram now has video posting options, and some people still aren’t aware of it thinking that Instagram is for captured photos only. This is a great opportunity for those that only want to do short (about 15 seconds) videos. In addition, your Instagram account can also be linkedIn to Facebook so that you have double the exposure.

Creating video content is easy to do, convenient to watch, and has ability to stretch across the Internet at length.  You obtain more exposure, and gain more prospects toward your marketing funnel.  

Contact React today for more information on video marketing. They give their all for you and your company to excel to your highest potential. 

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