Marketing Automation [Video]

Too much to do, too little time?

That’s the lament of many digital marketing teams today.

In a world where your customers expect you to be continually offering value in the form of blog posts, video content and social media engagement, it’s hard to keep on top of an effective marketing strategy.

The good news?

Marketing automation could be the answer.

Automated marketing campaigns aren’t the stunted, and uninspired solutions they were a few years ago. 49% of businesses use some kind of email automation on a regular basis, at the same time, marketing automation spend is predicted to reach a value of about $25 billion by 2023. Today’s companies want a more natural way to connect with their customers, and they want it now.

Designing Your Marketing Automation Strategy

With the right plan for marketing automation, you can save yourself some serious time, and improve your chances of a more efficient lead generation campaign. However, you need to make sure that you’re using automation effectively.

Automate too much of your marketing strategy too quickly, and you could end up harming the unique personality you’ve built for your brand. If your company ends up seeming robotic or impersonal, then this could even have an impact on the relationship you have with your audience.

The best way to integrate automation is slowly, and with focus. Make sure you understand the goals of your campaign and learn as much as you can about your audience to determine which posts you should automate, and which need to come from the heart.

Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity, and it’s already changing the digital landscape for countless companies just like yours. If you want to make sure that you have the resources to compete in this new agile environment, it’s time to think about automation. Check out the video below for your introduction to easier marketing.

In a public place without headphones? Don’t worry. Click on the CC button in the video player to show captions, or read our full transcription below the video.


A common challenge for marketing teams is not having enough resources. Marketing automation, however, has come a long way and can make a real impact on your marketing team’s capacity.

Marketing automation is not just a time saver anymore but more of a necessity for efficient lead generation. So, how do you utilize the power of marketing automation?

Set clear measurable goals and KPIs and use automation to help increase traffic, optimize conversion rates and generate qualified leads. Closely align your automation process with your lead-nurturing strategy to create an efficient marketing funnel.

By using marketing automation software, you’ll have access to analytics that shows you the ROI of each digital channel. Find out how marketing automation can unlock the potential of your marketing team by contacting us today. 

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