Marketing through computer wizardry

“Automated marketing” is a phrase that seems to promise everything a sales team could want: efficiently finding customers through the cleverness of software at a speed human marketers are hardly able to dream of. Maybe, someday, it will reach that point, and be more than a supplement for the human element. But even now it does change the job of online sales, enough to be a reason why marketing and IT professionals are getting closer every day.

Stereotypes of marketers or sales people and IT pros don’t mesh particularly well. Anyone in sales has to have the social capacity to charm unknown people into buying a product or service, whereas the IT guy sits in a server room strewn with computer parts, grumpy when he has to deal with the coworkers he’s known for as long as he’s been with the company. The way most people think of the two groups, they have very little in common.

But that’s different with the rise of automated marketing. IT doesn’t just run over and fix your computer when it breaks, nor do they simply keep a system programmed by somebody else working. Often their job is to write their own scripts and programs, automating tasks so they can work on something more pressing, or making the broader system more efficient to improve productivity in part or all of the company.

More and more, this is the task of a marketer using an automated system. It’s not enough to turn on the bots and let them show your inbound customers what some highly generalized protocols determine that customer would be interested in, or worse, spam out the same thing to everyone who visits the various arms of your online presence. A marketer needs to know what sales tools are at his or her disposal–social media, SEO, videos, blog posts, etc.–be able to study the potential customers who respond positively to those tools, and determine what the automated system should show to best sell products and attract more like-minded people. We take the power of computers for granted, but in reality, their job in a business setting is to support the people using them and make them more efficient; automated marketing does the same thing for a sales staff. And once that staff understands how to program the system to maximize its benefit, they’ll be more like the IT department than anyone might have expected.

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