Social Media Marketing and Other Effective Strategies to Market Your Business Well in 2017

If you’re like many small business owners, you know it’s time to change some of your marketing strategies, yet you don’t know where to start. Having a basic web presence is not enough. In addition, to establishing a social media presence and marketing strategy, it’s also important to understand if and when video should fit into your equation. Video is an effective marketing tool businesses use every day to:

  • Persuade calls-to-action,
  • Educate buyers, and
  • Build brand recognition and a follower base

Currently, the most effective video marketing styles are testimonials, explainer videos, how-to videos and storytelling videos.

This article published in 2001 was aimed at Chiropractors and shows how much marketing has changed. The author lists mainly referral and customer service based marketing strategies like:

  • Finding out who referred the patient or what ad drew them,
  • Asking if others in their family could use medical work,
  • Giving out 3 business cards; one for the patient and 2 for friends or family,
  • Encouraging staff to distribute business cards,
  • Schedule regular re-exams,
  • Post signs around the office to encourage referrals,
  • Educate patients on preventive care. This motivates them to develop a relationship, not just come in for checkups.

While these are all good strategies for SMB’s to use, these basic strategies have morphed into things like blog posts, email newsletters, local SEO, social media engagement and predictive analytics. It’s important to work with a marketing team that understands technology if you want to stay competitive in your industry.

Current marketing trends businesses should consider include:

Monetizing Live Streaming – Currently used by growing, small sports franchises, this is the next stage of TV online. In addition to saved programs via subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, people are also tuning into watch video game challenges and other live events.

Paid Social Media Marketing Instagram and Snapchat have followed Facebook’s example and have begun to make free, organic advertising virtually impossible for businesses. Just like programmers update Google’s algorithm regularly, social media platforms have begun to do the same thing. Therefore, only professionals understand how to market effectively and ethically post algorithm changes.

Chatbots – Programmers design chatbots like Siri with artificial intelligence and neural programming. Chatbots can effectively address many customer service inquiries 24/7. The modern consumer expects ongoing engagement via their favorite platforms. Many become brand advocates for businesses that cater to these desires.

The simplest way to market your SMB effectively this year is to leave the tech strategies to an expert team. At React, we understand what methods will work best for your business model and we handle the heavy lifting. Contact us today!


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