Stats That Show the Importance of the Use of Video for Marketing

If you are not implementing videos in your marketing campaigns, you are really missing out. Stats show that videos are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some stats that will give you some idea of the importance of the use of video in marketing and why you need a video production company in Dubai.

Youtube is Huge

There are over a billion people who use Youtube. Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on Youtube, generating billions of views. These statistics come straight from Youtube itself. It’s not just Youtube. More video content is created in 30 days online — which includes sites like Vimeo — than all content that the three major TV networks in the US have created in 30 years. It means that you can tap into this huge audience to increase conversions.

Videos Really Do Convert

Videos affect people’s understanding and feel for a product. In fact, 52 percent of people said that watching a video about a product made them more confident about purchasing it. Two billion views per week on Youtube are monetized and bring in a profit. There is a reason why 93 percent of online marketers use video, and you should too.

It’s Great For SEO and Email

Embedding a video on a web page can make it 50 times more likely to appear in search results, according to a study. It can also increase click-through rates on emails by 2x and open rates by 20 percent. Videos also get shared very often.

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