The 4 Biggest Tech Challenges Marketers are Facing Today

Marketing continues to change dramatically with changes in technology and the use of different platforms. The rapidly developing web means that marketers always have to stay up on the latest information and techniques to do their job effectively. There are 4 main tech issues that are especially important to consider.

1. Brands are Less Powerful then Before

Forces like Amazon, comparison shopping sites and powerful social media marketing from new brands are driving down the prices of goods and making existing brands less powerful. That means that marketers can no longer rest on past performance. For example, in 2015 Estee Lauder and L’Oreal combined for 53% of the beauty market. By 2016 that had fallen to 50% as small brands ate into their share. This trend may continue with everything from yogurt, to deodorant to other basics.

2. Teens and Millennials are Changing Platforms Rapidly

First it was MySpace, then it was Facebook. Now there are a number of platforms where teens, millenials and adults all spend their time including Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterist, WhatsApp, dating Apps, Skype, Google Hangouts, FourSquare and other. With so many social platforms to choose from, its hard for a marketer to know where to turn. The list above is where Americans are generally found, once the marketer is looking internationally there are exponentially more platforms to choose from.

3. Tracking and Segmentation is Becoming More Difficult

New apps and secure browsers are now allowing users to hide their locations or eliminate cookies. They can search the web, visiting sites and accessing free services without supplying their profile or user info as is the case with most free services. This makes targeting, list building and conversion much more difficult.

4. Ad Blockers

While this is not a new problem, it continues to plague marketers. Ad blocking programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and able to stop a large number of different types of ads. Social and banner ads are much less effective when users are applying this technology.

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