The Big Question for Marketing Managers: Inhouse or Outsourced?

Getting the most of your marketing dollars is an important question every marketing manager and executive asks. Digital marketing is transitioning very quickly, leaving the question open on the best methods and strategies to reach a target customer base. Unfortunately, very few companies have all the talent they need in-house. For that reason, they may go outside to get the very best out of their marketing spend.

Because the digital market is transitioning so quickly, no single company will have all the answers. Perhaps your firm is good at search engine optimization and your teams are able to help move your landing page to the top of organic search rankings. While that is important, it still leaves the massive audience of video viewers, social media viewers and other audiences that are not exposed directly to your content or site. This gap ends up resulting in lost sales and customers.

For that reason, getting a mix of both internal and outsourced marketing is usually the best answer. External teams usually have a cost-effective solution to target a demographic you are currently not reaching. They have the experience and specialization to take a product and market it to a new group. Or to reach the same group through a new method like video.

At the end of the day, whichever marketing strategy one chooses, ROI is the most important consideration. Managers should test whether their internal numbers always beat outside firm. Odds are, specialized digital marketing firms will be able to provide some help and insight that an in-house team cannot completely match.

React is a leading digital strategy and consulting firm. The company has helped many firms improve their marketing capabilities and grow their marketing funnel, and their revenue. For more information, please contact us. 

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