The role of technology in marketing: new trends to watch out for

All the marketing strategists are looking into the most recent trend in digital marketing to grow their businesses, and with good reason. The age of digital marketing took the world by storm. There are a couple of popular trends and some new ones that every company considers.

Nowadays, every successful business website has interactive content. Getting consumers and customers to participate gives a more inclusive feel. Gone are the times where people passively consumed marketing content. Nowadays, quizzes, contests, promotion campaigns, and other interactive aspects give your marketing that extra boost.

Smart automation is turning out great for marketing. Artificial intelligence, virtual, and augmented realities are now very viable advertisement options. These options also play a part in enhancing interactivity. Chatbots are another great way to improve relations with the consumer by giving personalized, timely responses to questions and news updates in a way better than regular automation. Another marketing automation option is the use of applications such as Hubspot. They are now quite affordable. Automation will assist in growing your enterprise and open out past the business hours.

Video marketing is another great way to advertise and promote content, especially mobile videos. YouTube is the biggest video marketing platform  The Facebook feed is now almost 95% video, and Instagram, among other platforms, is following suit. More than that, live-streaming is increasingly becoming popular. More social media has included the Stories feature and integrated a live-stream option, which is a great opportunity for marketing. It is a worthy trend to explore. Besides video, content that is mobile friendly sells. A lot more internet access happens on mobile devices than desktops. Mobile compatible content is an essential marketing strategy and a trend that is here to stay.

In the dynamic world of marketing, it is vital for business and company owners to keep up with the changes in marketing trends for the benefit of their business. Keep watching for changes and following the trends. For more information, contact us.

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