The 37 Must-know Facts About Video Marketing [Infographic]

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to find new and immersive ways of making your product or service stand out in the eyes of your target audience. As “content overwhelm” becomes more of an issue for many browsers, videos can offer a quick and simple way for you to provide your customers with information and entertainment.

Now that people are living with ever-more hectic schedules, your consumers would often prefer to watch a 2-minute video instead of taking fifteen minutes to read the same information in a blog. While blog posts and other types of written content have their part to play in the content marketing strategy, video is one of the best ways to engage your audience. Despite this, Content Marketing Institute’s content marketing trends report find that only 60% of B2B brands use video.

Discover the Value of Video

Video is one of the easiest content forms for your consumers to access. Your people can watch videos when they’re on their smartphone, at work, or waiting for the train. Around 64% of teenagers are watching less TV and making more time for online video, highlighting the potential of the media in the years to come.

As the consumer generation continues to change and evolve, now is the perfect time for companies to re-think their content strategy and start making the most out of video. Of course, before you can launch your plan, you need to learn as much as you can about the nature of video marketing.

In the infographic below, designed by the guys from RendrFX, you’ll discover 37 must-know fact about video that can guide your brand-new content strategy.

Video Marketing: 37 Must Know Facts About Video Marketing #Infographic

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