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Tips for Marketing Managers: How to Align the Troops and Succeed in Your Next Management Meeting

By Greg Cargopoulos

If all a marketing manager had to do was engage the best marketing agency and deliver consistently positive results life would be easy. The world isn't a perfect place, however, there are people and personalities to consider and without taking this into consideration life can be dismal. Marketing is what drives the sales that keeps the manufacturing team at work and makes the bean counters happy. Marketing is the pivot around which the company revolves.

To succeed in your next corporate management meeting keep these tips in mind:

Tip #1

Remember the facts in the first paragraph but never repeat them at a management meeting. Marketing managers may drive the vehicle but the smart marketing manager leads the conversation in such a way that the passengers feel they own the road.

Tip #2

Your success depends on how well others do their part. It’s a team effort. Acknowledge the achievements of each and how their ideas, work results, even criticisms, have led you to the project you are about to introduce.

Tip #3

The savvy marketing manager is also a pep rally leader. Rev up the engine. Your enthusiasm for the project is key to their buying in effortlessly. Your enthusiasm tells the team this project is important.

Tip #4

Present the plan for the project and its purpose, discuss how it will benefit other departments, and present the case for what happens if the plan is not implemented. Include in the plan how it is to be evaluated, revised, and monitored. Set forth a timetable for reporting progress to all the managers. Finish with how the final results will benefit the company.

Tip #5

Do your best to have Marketing be the first Agenda item. Get the team excited while they are still alert.

Last tip: Partner with a passionate, creative marketing agency like React to develop an all-inclusive plan for your project. React offers the targeted, effective inbound marketing and production tools you need to achieve the reaction you want. Contact us today for more information.

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Greg Cargopoulos

Greg Cargopoulos