Tips for Marketing Managers: How to Succeed in Your Next Management Meeting

A common complaint of sales and marketing staff is that meetings take up too much time and reduce their productivity. As a manager, you know the importance of having all your teams meet regularly, but it is sometimes a struggle to make those meetings useful for those attending. To increase the success of your management meetings, incorporate the following tips into your planning.

Keep a consistent schedule

Schedule your meetings on the same day and time each week or month. This consistency allows better planning and gives everyone an opportunity to prepare. A weekly meeting can be kept short — no longer than 30-60 minutes. Monthly meetings may require more than 60 minutes, so schedule a break at least every hour to let people stretch their legs or use the restroom. This helps people remain attentive and increases participation. 

Create a clear, relevant agenda

Limit agenda items to what is most beneficial and important, and share the agenda beforehand. This lets everyone know the information you expect them to bring and gives them time to prepare a concise report for the group. Allot time for each team to share information and receive feedback. To keep the meeting moving, eliminate topics that are not relevant to the entire group. The blog team does not need detailed metrics about email click-through rates, but it can benefit from hearing what type of information is drawing the most leads and make sure the company’s blog includes that information.  

Group Participation

Don’t use meetings as a way to make speeches. Give everyone a chance to share information, receive feedback, and have their concerns addressed. Involve the whole group in discussions about what is working and what isn’t. This not only keeps people focused and interested; it gives your workers a chance to learn from each other’s mistakes and improves communication between different teams. 

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