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Marketing Automation Software: The best choices to save your company time and money

The marketing industry is amazing in the sense that I can make or break a company depending on how strategies are executed. Often times marketing can involve a lot of repetitive tasks that, albeit necessary, are also...

4 Marketing Automation Strategies for Growth and Increased Sales

You've made some smart marketing moves, and your business is beginning to pick up steam. You're getting more web traffic, generating more leads, and sales are on the upswing. Now, you've got another issue: how do you...

Marketing Automation [Video]

Too much to do, too little time?

That's the lament of many digital marketing teams today.

In a world where your customers expect you to be continually offering value in the form of blog posts, video content and...

Email Automation Best Practices to Know

Want to be more effective with your time?

Email is one of the signature business standards that every employee and company utilizes for communication. However, manual emails in response to product enquiries is slow...

A Visual History of Content Marketing [Infographic]

What is content marketing, where did it come from, and why should it matter to you?

It's easy to think of content marketing as one of the latest tactics in a marketing pro's arsenal. However, the truth is that...

10 Email Marketing Do's & Dont's [Infographic]

The landscape for digital marketing is in a constant state of evolution.

Every year, new consumer trends, advanced technologies, and innovative promotional strategies make their way into the world. While the latest...

4 Marketing Automation Features to Streamline Your Marketing

HubSpot's State of Inbound reports are widely viewed as among the most comprehensive surveys of marketers around the world.  This year's report, State of Inbound 2017, asked more than 4,000 marketers, among other...

How to Generate Qualified Leads with Marketing Automation

Do skills trump passion?

You are passionate about your work and your services reflect that. However, all the passion in the world won't bring the customers to you. You need a sales and marketing strategy. By...

The Beginners Guide to Lead Nurturing

Today, the customer journey is more complicated than ever.

Companies can't just create television adverts and constantly call prospects to make a sale anymore. People expect the brands they like to try and build a...

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