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Video Content is Dominating Internet Traffic [Video]

The age of video is here.

We're living in an age of information overload, where consumers are bombarded with content from all angles. Every day, millions of new blogs, articles, and infographics are uploaded to the...

Video Marketing on Facebook & Instagram [Video]

Video is easily the most popular and compelling content on your social media feed.

Social videos generate approximately 1200% more shares than posts with text and images combined. In other words, if you want to stand...

4 Ways to Add More Creativity to Your Corporate Video

Why do we need creativity in video?

Creating videos for your corporation has perhaps become a new creative endeavour for you in the last year, mainly to keep up with your competition. No doubt you already know about ...

Increase Engagement by Using Video Content on Social Media

Video and Social Media Provide an Unparalleled Marketing & Sales Opportunity

The world of social media and video production are two of the most important elements now in bringing a more powerful marketing plan to a...

4 Tips to Roll out an Effective Video Content Strategy

Strategies that deliver results time after time

You have an awesome company, product/service and team, yet you want to see more growth. Who doesn't? You realize it's time to ramp up your business to the next level....

4 Ways that Video Increases Conversion Rates

Did you know 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool – up from 63% from 2017 reports? These numbers come as no surprise since consumers are significantly engaging more in videos for leisure and to stay...

Why Video Content is So Effective Compared to Other Forms of Media

Is video content actually effective?

Have you noticed how many businesses are now using video across their digital and offline marketing and sales channels? Video allows you to get a substantial amount of important...

The role of technology in marketing: new trends to watch out for

All the marketing strategists are looking into the most recent trend in digital marketing to grow their businesses, and with good reason. The age of digital marketing took the world by storm. There are a couple of...

How to boost your campaign results using social video marketing

Do you want more from your social media efforts?

If yes, then the facts are in: consumers want more video. In fact, nearly half of internet users search for a video about a product or service before going to a store,...

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