Video Content is Dominating Internet Traffic [Video]

The age of video is here.

We’re living in an age of information overload, where consumers are bombarded with content from all angles. Every day, millions of new blogs, articles, and infographics are uploaded to the internet. Unfortunately, while content is still king in the digital space, the average consumer has no way of consuming all of the data available to them. They need something more convenient – a format that’s easier to consumer.

Enter video. With video content, companies see:

The Benefits of Video Content

Video content provides your customers with an easy way to access information when they’re on the go. In today’s fast-paced mobile environment, that accessibility is crucial. Video is available any time, anywhere, and it conveys information a lot faster than any blog post. Experts say that a minute of video is equal to around 1.8 million words. Perhaps that’s why 51% of marketing professionals consider video to be the content with the best ROI.

Video isn’t just quick and convenient either; it’s also highly effective in driving the right action from your audience. 64% of customers make a purchase after they’ve watched a branded social media video.

Used correctly, video can do everything from improving brand recall to strengthening your brand message, and you don’t need a professional camera crew to invest. All you need is a great smartphone and a little bit of editing software to take part in the video revolution today – particularly on social platforms like Facebook Live where raw, un-touched video generates the most respect.

What are you waiting for? In the video below, you’ll learn how video gives your viewers a peek behind the curtain into your brand and generates the loyalty you need for sensational growth.

In a public place without headphones? Don’t worry. Click on the CC button in the video player to show captions, or read our full transcription below the video.


What makes great engaging content? There are virtually no restrictions on how, when, and where consumers can interact with your content, and people want content that is informative, quick, and easy.

So, how do you keep your audience engaged with what you have to offer? A minute of video is equivalent to a staggering 1.8 million words. Video is currently the most cost-efficient, effective marketing tool at providing the value and information that your consumers want and need.

Developing highly engaging video content promotes brand recall, and helps strengthen your brand message. Adding videos to your company website has been proven to increase conversion rates and can also boost your site’s search engine rankings.

Videos have the ability to make a great impact and send a strong message about your brand, if done properly. By creating highly informative, accessible content, you can develop a significant online following and strengthen your online presence effectively increasing web traffic and lead conversions.

Don’t be left behind. Allow your business to unlock the massive potential of online marketing through engaging video content. Video marketing is the future of relevant content, and the future is now.

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