What is Content Marketing? 5 Reasons Why It’s So Successful

Content is still king. In an ever-evolving digital era where more consumers leverage the internet to search, connect, engage and purchase, your content marketing strategy is more important today to reach your ideal customer.

As a business, your content marketing plays a critical role in growing your brand online. It’s simply a must if you want to remain competitive.

In fact, the following shares exactly what is content marketing and reasons why it’s so successful for businesses who leverage it.


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a major part of inbound marketing, however, Inbound marketing also makes use of marketing automation tools. According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is,

“…a strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

In laymen terms, content marketing is your process of consistently creating high-quality content that solves your market’s most pressing problems and challenges. This also includes sharing content that entertains, inspires, and educates.

Content creation, however, is just one piece of the puzzle. Content marketing also consists of strategically getting your message in front of your ideal customer and moving them to action through your content.

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These favorable actions mean clicking on your link, opting into your list, generating engagement such as comments and shares, and purchasing your product. The success of your content marketing strategy is dependent on how often you’re able to drive these business behaviors that create measurable results for your business. 


5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Successful in 2018

With an understanding of what content marketing is and how it applies to your business, here are five reasons why content marketing is so successful. 


1. Positions You as an Authority in Your Industry

The big advantage of content marketing is that it sets you apart as a leader and authority in your industry. To get people to do business with you, it’s important to build the know, like and trust factor with likely customers.

Content that offers solutions or addresses common questions asked by your audience is central to creating an authoritative presence online. 


2. Provides You with Value to Share with Your Followers

Content such as infographics, live video, and high-quality blog posts perform extremely well on social media. People aren’t logging onto social media to buy products and services. They’re looking to connect, engage, and add to conversations.

Your content marketing provides you with an arsenal of value to deliver to your social media followers to keep them coming back to your pages. 


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3. Improves Traffic and Lead Generation

A whopping 63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. That’s the majority! Yet, content marketing is a viable strategy for driving quality traffic to your webpages and capturing qualified leads for your sales funnel.

Optimizing your blog posts for SEO, for example, helps you rank in search, thus, boosting visibility and organic traffic to your website. Through content promotion, you strategically distribute your content in a way that gets it in front of more people in your market.

Finally, the more visitors you have coming to your pages, the more opportunities for lead conversion. The key is ensuring that your pages offer something valuable (i.e. video series, checklist, template, quiz) in exchange for their contact information. 


4. Consumers are Looking for Content before They Contact You

Also, according to Hubspot, consumers are viewing 3-5 pieces of content prior to reaching out to a sales representative. They want to engage with your blog article, social media posts, videos and webinar presentations before they actually make contact with your business. Therefore, having content that resonates with their interests is key to attracting ideal prospects. 


5. Content is the Fuel that Moves Leads into Buying Customers

Successfully moving your leads through the buyer’s journey requires content. Certain types of content work well than others depending on which stage your prospect is in the journey.

Blog posts and social media posts are great for building awareness and trust (the Awareness Stage of the buyer’s journey). However, case studies are better for the Decision Stage.

Leveraging these different content types are essential to strategically get your customer closer to making the purchasing decision. 

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Content marketing is here to stay. In fact, your existing and prospective customers desire to engage with your content and learn more from you. Give them what they want! Develop a documented content marketing strategy that positions you as a reliable source, offers solutions, and builds your sales funnel.

We’re equipped to help you get in front of your audience, drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Reach out to us and let’s chat. 

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