What to Look for When You Need a Marketing Partner

The morning you wake up and realize your digital marketing goals are beyond the reach of in-house efforts is the morning you acknowledge your shortcomings and decide to do something about it. Makes no difference whether you alone are the marketing department, or whether you have a team, once the decision to outsource is made the question that follows is the same: what do you look for when you need a marketing partner?

What do you look for first? You look within: Do you have a clear set of goals and objectives? Do they address why your company thinks digital marketing is important and do they include what results are expected? Before you evaluate an outsource company focus on your digital marketing objectives and make a list of the challenges you expect and the opportunities you see ahead. Next, have a realistic budget figure for the short and long-term.

Compatibility is what you look for most in a marketing partner. Projects fail without it. Consider the companies carefully, know their goals and objectives, diligently review their website. Decide if working remotely is a possibility.

Next, talk with companies you think best fit your company’s needs. You’ll know from your meeting if there is a fit:

  • How do they react to your goals and objectives? Does the company agree with the reasons why yours considers digital marketing important?
  • Does the outsource company identify the same challenges and opportunities you’ve identified?  Will the budget figures match their fees?

Partnering is sharing the load and understanding the results benefit both enterprises. The companies you consider as marketing partners need to convince you that your company’s success is the primary outcome of the partnership. To that end, expect a detailed proposal that addresses how they will meet your goals and objectives, one that includes a timetable for frequent and regular meetings to evaluate progress and revise plans as needed.

Compatibility is key to the relationship with a marketing partner but you are responsible for ensuring the partnership works. Choose a company that ‘feels right’ and has the talent, resources and expertise to be successful for both partners. Understand that partnering is also sharing the load and demands a cooperative effort. The final point of analysis is to look within. Will you wake up tomorrow morning and realize your digital marketing goals are well within reach?

To learn more about a company with a proven partnership record contact us at React. We are just what to look for when you need a marketing partner.

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