What you need to tell your sales manager about marketing and success

After years of working on outbound marketing techniques, switching to a completely different strategy can be difficult. Here’s what to tell your sales manager when it comes to inbound marketing:

  • Marketing and Sales Should Work Together

Sales reps are used to working on their own. They barely collaborate with others within their department, let alone outside of it. But in order for your inbound marketing strategy to be effective, it’s essential that these two sides work together. They will benefit from better lead generation, increased sales, and better lead quality.

  • Good Coaching is important

A good manager is not just a manager – he’s also a leader and a coach. A manager should help others succeed by giving them the proper advice and maximizing their strength while minimizing their weaknesses. He’ll have one-on-one coaching sessions with employees to make sure they’re making good progress.

  • No More Cold Calling

Salespeople should be happy to find out that they no longer need to cold call anymore or do any prospecting. After a few months, Increased lead generation will occur. Inbound marketing leads to more qualified leads, which means less cold calling.

  • Tracking Progress

Poor sales managers will set goals only to forget them later and discover that they are not on track. A good sales manager, however, understand the importance of following through with their goals. They also understand the importance of overcoming challenges when goals are not met.

  • Recruiting

A great manager will only hire a best – the best agency requires the best employees. They look through the best sources and keep an eye out for the best talent. They don’t settle for mediocrity just to get the job done.

  • Understanding Sales People

The salespeople on your team may not be prepared for the big changes that come with inbound marketing. If they’re used to outbound marketing, they may feel overwhelmed by their new roles. This means that the sales manager needs to understand that sales coaching may be necessary.

  • Leading by Example

One of the most important steps a sales manager should take is showing the behaviors he wants his employees too. Not slacking off, arriving on time, and being positive are all important. The sales manager should be the employee he wants.

Inbound marketing is definitely a big change. Your sales manager needs to be prepared to make the adjustments necessary in order to ensure your company is ready. By having marketing and sales work together, coaching, setting a good example and understanding their team, the sales manager will have mastered inbound marketing in no time.

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