Why Sales Automation Can Work for You

Don’t be busy, be effective

If you are not utilizing a sales automation system, chances are your sale representatives and managers are spending time and energy on tasks that are preventing them from doing other sales tasks that could be of more value to your company and in turn, reducing your bottom line. 

Once you understand the basics of sales and marketing automation, you will see how this valuable tool can eliminate routine tasks and increase productivity. Businesses that incorporate a sales automation system can see their gross revenue increase by up to 29%

What is sales automation?

Sales automation is the utilization of a software program that allows sales representatives, managers, and business leaders to automate and streamline the tasks involved in the sales cycle.

This software is not intended to replace the real, living human beings in an organization – they will always be key in any successful company – rather, it is intended to increase accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency of the sales process.


How does sales automation help sales reps?

Sales representatives should be spending their time cultivating relationships and selling, but in reality, much of their time is spent on tedious tasks like maintaining tracking sheets and composing e-mails.

Sales automation can be used to automate reporting, lead generation and prioritizing, locating content and email development for distribution, and even appointment setting.

Sales rely on data, and marketing automation software permits reporting of this data with information such as quotas, rankings, or sales revenues, and then distributes the information instantly throughout the organization.

This helps keep all members of the organization informed without requiring the tedious task of manually locating the information and can lend to improving competition in the sales force.

HubSpot CRM allows users to build out their personalized dashboard to personalize your data and distribution schedule. Sales require the management of leads, and with automation software such as HubSpot CRM, prospecting, lead enrichment, and contact creation can be set up and edited to parameters selected in conjunction with the sales department’s strategic plan.

Image source: HubSpot

Leads no longer have to sit and wait on a person to source the leads. This automation allows for the creation of a set of criteria for lead rotation, prioritizing leads so that the strongest leads are placed at the top of the list, and then automatically establish an accurate contact and company database.

Sales depend on distributing quality information and maintaining contact with clients. Email is typically the most effective, reliable, and preferred manner of communication is the business world.

The company should establish a content pool that is accessible to the sales team through a platform, such as Google Drive, to eliminate repetitive research. With the utilization of the template features of HubSpot Sales, emails can be created that systematize information and allow for customization to recipients based on specific situations and where the leads are in the sales cycle.

Additionally, the sequence feature allows for multiple emails to be sent to the same customer based on customer reactions and responses.

Sales require appointment scheduling and the back and forth of setting appointments can be time-consuming. With HubSpot Meetings, the sales force can send a link to the customer and allow them to schedule meetings at their own convenience based on the availability in the calendar. 


How does sales automation help sales managers?

Without sales and marketing automation, sales management can be burdened with the tasks of creating reports, assigning leads, and scoring the value of leads. Automating these processes frees managers to focuses on developing the sales force and increasing sales.

Automated reports can be created and distributed company-wide through email. Lead assignments can be automatically rotated based on criteria developed by the managers to match leads with the best representative for the purpose.

Image source: Accent Technologies

Lastly, automated lead scoring allows information including demographics, buyer behavior, and data enrichment to be blended and give the sales force better information on prospects. This allows for sales management to support the sales team in prioritizing their development of leads.

Every company wants to maximize productivity, improve performance, and increase revenues. Using the right tools for automation, like HubSpot’s user-friendly, high-performance software, these goals can be accomplished to improve the overall customer experience and job performance of the sales team.

If you believe it is time for your company to incorporate marketing sales automation into your business, the marketing specialists at React are available to help your company move to the next level.

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