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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

For many business owners and marketing executives that we speak to, they’re very confident about the quality of their service and product offering, but they’re consistently frustrated by a lack of brand visibility and feel sales opportunities are too far and few in between. 

  • Inconsistent traffic (online and in-store)
  • Not enough leads and closed sales opportunities
  • Inadequate revenue to keep the business running smoothly
  • Unwanted levels of stress!

By the end of this short email course, you’ll be able to quickly and cost-effectively run marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to achieve a number of important business objectives:

  • Improved brand awareness. Find new audiences and drive quality traffic to your social media pages, website and landing pages
  • Improve conversions. Increase online leads, sales and ultimately generate more revenue
  • Measure performance and scale. Determine the right metrics to measure and manage performance so that your marketing campaigns continuously improve over time

What is this email course all about?

The topics we cover in this email course are:

  • Intro to Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • What is Social Advertising
  • Customer’s Journey and The Funnel
  • Ad Campaign Creation
  • How to Measure Success
  • Best Practices (to give you a serious competitive advantage)