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We help companies grow their revenue with Google PPC Ads

Watch your sales numbers multiply with tactical Google Ads campaigns

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Our agency has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of businesses, of all sizes. We have helped them increase their revenue, and number of leads, through strategic Google Ads campaigns, with a focus on maximizing ROI. Our areas of expertise include:

  • keyword search-1  Keyword Research
  • Content strategy & writing-1  Ad Copy & Content Creation
  • search campaign-1  Search Ad Campaigns
  • display campaign-1  Display Ad Campaigns
  • product listing-1  Product Listing Ad Campaigns
  • dynamic-1  Dynamic Retargeting
  • analytics-1  Analytics & Conversion Tracking

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Why React is your ideal Google Ads partner 

  • Dedicated in-house team
    We don't outsource any of the process, which means we can control the timelines and quality of work much better.
  • Experienced with all business types
    Experience helps us develop a PPC strategy in-line with your business, no matter what vertical you are in.
  • Up-to-date with modern PPC processes and best practices
    PPC is always changing, so it's important to work with a team that are constantly adapting their methodology to what works today.
  • Achieve Greater ROI
    We are an ROI-transparent company that focuses less on 'vanity' metrics, and more on tangible business results.

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How long does it take to set up a campaign?
We usually have the entire set up done in less than 2 weeks. This includes keyword research, ad copy creation, and campaign build
Do I need a good website to see results from Google Ads?
Yes absolutely. Even though we create a landing page for each new client, the searcher often revisits the site after 'shortlisting' providers. So if the site is of poor standard, this will affect the results of the campaign. In some extreme cases, when the website is beyond salvageable, we suggest a website re-design.
Can you guarantee results?
Unfortunately not. There are too many external factors involved, including the website quality, competition, market demand, and competency of the sales team, to name a few. For this reason, I'm afraid we don't guarantee results.
So, what should be my first step?
Fill out the form on this page, and we'll send you our pricing by email. From there you can click on one of the links to get started with one of the packages right away.
I get most of business from referrals, so why do I need a Google Ads?
In most cases, when potential clients tell us they are not willing to invest in Ads, due to most of their business coming from referrals, it turns out that the reason they get most business from referrals is because their digital marketing is so poor in general that referrals becomes the ONLY way they get business.