Project Discovery Workshop & Brainstorming Session

Everything we do is well-thought out and meticulously planned. We evaluate your product, audience and brainstorm on what would drive interest and maximize exposure.



Concept Creation & Mood Boards

We develop a framework prior to animation and production. Mood boards help explain the goal of the asset by outlining what we are trying to create and say.



Script Development

Content is just as critical in the development of video assets. Let's determine what we want to tell the world.



Creative Storyboarding & Pre-production

Pre-production begins here with the creation of storyboards that start to bring your message to life. Production plans are then finalized and ready for development.



Production Shoot/Animation

All the planning has come down to this moment. It's time to incorporate all the elements of pre-production and film the asset. Storyboards are approved, now it's time to digitally draw and bring our creation to life with the modern powers and tools of animation.



Post-production & Editing

We review the raw footage and determine how we can best mold the content into the perfect message for your customers.



Final Delivery

We upload the video to the media channel of your choice and ensure it works correctly for the world to see.