Discover Session

We start with telling our clients what they can expect from our industry-leading web development team and services.



Project Brief & Scope Document

Here we will outline your web development goals and explain how each service can benefit your business. We will also go over any limitations. We clearly define the scope of work with attention to detail and assignment.



UX Wireframe Design

Watch your web development vision come to life. The Wireframe is almost like a draft or mockup of what we have in mind for your site. Think of it as an outline.



UI Design & Prototyping

Now with the UX wireframe design complete we can move onto the nuts and bolts of your web design. The user interface is fully customizable to meet the goals and needs of your customer base.



Front-end Markup

We make sure everything "under the hood" of your new web design is functioning properly and is equipped with the tools to operate reliably and smoothly.



Wordpress Integration

Wordpress makes it quick and easy to edit the content of a website. It enables an individual with a limited web development sense to get behind the scenes and make minor changes when necessary.



QA & Alpha-Testing

Your new web design is ready for its first round of testing. QA and Alpha testing is the first step in determining if the software functionality is up to our rigid standards.



Beta-Testing & Fine-tuning

This is where your new web design really must stand up to the test of function and capability. Our exhausting beta testing works out all the kinks and gets you ready for launch.



Migration to Live Server & Deployment

We need to move the final product into a live server and officially launch the site. All the dedicated processes of framework, design, and testing are now complete.